You know what that goes for all my friends!! I’m always here for you even if we’ve been busy, or we don’t get to talk, I’ll be here.

you were so scared of this day

This really should have a part 2 but this part was so much more important. For vwhale, Robin, I hope you know I’ll always be here.

While I’m alone today there will now be live blogging of Minecraftian events, possibly. They will be tagged at jayspants minecraft  if you feel inclined to be out of the loop. Also under a readmore.

I’m playing a lot of Minecraft right now.


so I feel like I want to share this.

help I’m drawing a sad thing that’s also supposed to be a happy thing this is somehow 99.5% of my Homestuck fanart I’m so done

tell me what happened next

bros talking about big Bro. this’s a lil late for timing and I get mixed feelings when I look at it but it’s all because of my two fave Daves (you know who you are) being possibly the cutest damn things ever and it’s one of the best meet ups ever okay

The rest of the dods, my better ones! Easing into it now I could get more creative. Striders was a new chain, so how was I going to resist that?

You don’t even need to guess who’s joined the Doodle or Die Homestucks, figured since it’s what I’m drawing and actually finishing, I might as well post them over here.



Guys, I’ve never been so desperate before for help.

This little boy is eight years old and dying of acute leukemia. I know the family, I’ve lived next to them for nearly fifteen years, and seeing everything fall apart for them is just breaking my heart.

They desperately need money. Their house is in foreclosure, the parents still have two little boys to raise, and they barely have money for a funeral, let alone a memorial or keeping their home.

Trevor is so sweet. When he was first diagnosed, someone asked him what he wanted most in the world and he said “I want to see my brothers.”

And now he’s in hospice. They took him out of chemo, weened him off the steroids…

Please. Anything you can do, even just signal boosting this. Donating five dollars. Putting it on your Facebook. Please help in any way you can.

Please reblog this, guys. Please.

You know you’re really good with friends when you start trying to lay on them and hold hands all the time and you talk super casually like who even needs to chck they’re* their* grammatical erors because like hey you know me I got this down but I just want to talk super fast to you ‘cause you make me s o exc I T ED AND HAPPY TO BE WITH Y OU and you know what this is just over the computer but wow, do I love you.

Not so shitty after all

I finally got my tablet and photoshop set up again and it feels so g o o d to draw like this, so I’ve been trying to get back into it while simultaneously remastering//remaking my old brushes and brought out my favourite man again.

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